Model - DS
Fully automatic double deaker Servo System Hi-Speed bottome sealing & cutting Machine
Seal-King Features
  • AC Frequency drive the photocell auto-control system for unwinder only.
  • Fully Automatic double decker servosystem hi-speed bottom sealing & cutting machine.
  • Electric digital preset counter meter with buzzer for batch counting.
  • AC Frequency drive to main motor for required machine speed control.
  • Digital temperature controller.
  • Static eliminator with three electrodes.
  • Our machine for HM,HD,LD,LLDP,PP,Film etc.

Model - SS
Photocell with servo system bottom sealing and cutting machine for printed bags.
Product Range
  • Double decker Fully Automatic high speed servomotor bottom sealing & cutting machine.
  • Photo cell with servomotor bottom sealing & cutting machine for printed begs.
  • Linner special machanical Automatic high speed bottom sealing & cutting machine.
  • Carry Beg punching machine.

Model - DSC
Fully Automatic Servomach Bottom Sealing & Cutting Machine with Auto Convear
Product Range
  • Fully Automatic High Speed Double Decker Servo-mach Bottom Sealing & Cutting Machine With Auto Convear System
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